Some RS-tor fans may be aware of the organisation Riders 4 Helmets. Their ethos is simple 'Ride Smart, Always Wear a Helmet' and the goal of the campaign is to educate equestrians about the benefits of wearing a properly fitted, secured and certified riding hat. 

Supported by a number of high profile riders including most notably Dressage rider Courtney King-Dye who suffered life changing consequences after a fall from her horse whilst schooling, not wearing a helmet, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. 

In addition Riders 4 Helmets in responsible for the organisation of the world-wide event International Helmet Awareness Day which sees over 700 retailers in 8 different countries reduce the prices of their riding hats as a pledge of their support. 

The date of the event is not yet publicised but registration for retailers is open so it will be coming soon! Why not ask in your local saddlery if they are taking part or visit the website or Facebook page of Riders 4 Helmets to be 'in the know' when the important day is announced for 2015! Visit to find out more. 

Take a stand for safety and enjoy discounts on top quality, safe riding hats!